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Common questions about the DXR-8 PRO

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• The Adapter may not be properly connected.
• Battery pack may not be properly connected inside the battery compartment. Reconnect the wire tab of battery.
• There may be no power from the outlet. Switch to another electrical outlet.

• Confirm that the Camera and Monitor Unit are ON (check Power LED indicator).
• The battery may be depleted; recharge or replace battery.
• Confirm that power adapters are properly connected.

• Large metallic objects, including doors, refrigerators, mirrors, filing cabinets, and also reinforced concrete, may block the radio signal if between the Camera and Monitor Unit.
• The signal strength may be reduced when in close proximity to radio or electrical equipment, such as TVs, computers, cordless or mobile phones, fluorescent lights, or dimmer switches.

• Try moving the Camera Unit closer to the Monitor Unit.
• Remove obstructions between the Camera and Monitor Unit.
• Adjust the monitor antenna to vertical position.
• Use of other 2.4GHz products, such as wireless networks (WiFi routers) Bluetooth systems, or microwave ovens, may cause interference with this product. Keep Camera and Monitor Unit at least 5ft (1.5m) away from these items, or turn them off if they appear to cause interference.

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